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Here is the most recent episode of Gun Freedom Radio, EP411: The American Dream with Martha Llamas, a survivor of domestic violence who was shot and left for dead by her abusive ex-boyfriend. She doesn’t think the guns are to blame, but rather the people who own them. She wants to encourage a good conversation about second amendment rights.

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Martha is an inspiring immigrant woman from Jalisco, Mexico, and has transcended her humble beginnings to manifest the American dream.
Escaping poverty and domestic abuse, she journeyed to the U.S., enduring hardship to create a better life for herself and her family.

Show Topics

1) Your life story should be made into a movie. Many people who have been victimized by violent crime seem to become anti-gun. You consider yourself a Survivor and an advocate for the Second Amendment. Is there a correlation between those two mindsets?

2) Your mom had eight children? And she is who brought you to the US? How was she able to secure citizenship for all of you?

3) Your entrepreneurial spirit mirrors our own. Tell us about your various businesses.

4) In 2021 you were honored with the Champion for Freedom Award and got to meet President Trump. Tell us about that.





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