Fortis Femina Premiere

Premiere nights are really something special. The buzz, the excitement, and the sense of community are all part of the experience. 

Chandler Film Festival President, Mitesh Patel, and his incredible team have made a powerful new movie called “Fortis Femina,” and it was exciting to be there and see everyone come together to celebrate and support the movie.

It’s based on a true story and was beautifully written by Betty Ramirez and Lovinder Gill, who also managed the principal photography.

It is also a non-profit platform to empower women to join together and help their communities and families through personal solutions. Members work to help people overcome obstacles, solve problems, strengthen relationships, encourage others, and work to build a brighter future.

I was very impressed by the quality of the movie. The photography was beautiful, and the storytelling was so interesting. It was also fun seeing several of my friends act for the first time. The first theater sold out, so they opened a second that sold out as well. The movie was very emotional and even brought me to tears several times. 

It’s always fun dressing up for red carpet events, and seeing all of the beautiful people.


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