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“My American Dream” 

Transcription of the video below.

Martha Llamas was born in the quaint, Mexican town of Tapalpa, Jalisco; one of 8 children in a family struggling to make a new life, and a fresh start in America. Her mother left a difficult and abusive relationship with her father, and kept the family moving, in order to keep them safe. She would find work where she could and did her best to provide for her young children.

In the years that followed, Martha moved to South Phoenix and fell in love with the man who would become the father of her two children. But he had been hiding something, a dark secret. He was addicted to drugs, and was a violent, career criminal. She was swept up, into a dangerous world of intimidation, paranoia and betrayal. He would beat and psychologically torture her. Eventually, in a jealous rage, the deranged man pulled a gun, shot her and fled from the scene. She had lost a dangerous amount of blood, but the EMTs were able to get there in time and save her life.

Opening her eyes in the hospital, Martha was surrounded by loved ones and suddenly felt a huge weight had been lifted from her. She could breathe… it was a new day.

Her mother had managed to find a job with a large, commercial cleaning company, Jani-King. As soon as she was able, Martha, still healing from the attack, joined her and began writing the next chapter of her life.

She worked long, hard hours, filled with a new determination to succeed. Within a few months, her boss had promoted her to supervisor and soon after, to manager. In the course of 5 years, while raising her two sons on her own, she had learned the business inside and out. That’s when she felt it was time to start her own company.

Martha and her fiancé purchased a Jani-King franchise in 2002. With her dedication, passion and relentless energy, the debt was fully covered in less than 5 years and the company began turning a profit. Her business more than tripled in a short time, and people began taking notice.

Today, her franchise is recognized as one of the most successful in Jani-King’s history. It has consistently performed in the top 5%  for annual revenue, in a field of over 9500 Jani-King franchises in the United States. She has earned the esteemed, “Presidents Club Award” for generating over 1 million dollars in business, every year since 2003, as well as a host of accolades for her contributions to the community.

Martha currently employs 70 people. Her story has been featured on international television shows, in newspapers and magazines, on radio shows and podcasts. Her harrowing story is inspiring, and is a great example of what hard work, determination and strength of character can accomplish, even in the wake of seemingly impossible odds.

"My American Dream"

"It is such an honor and privilege to live in this great country. Those who were lucky enough to be born in America may not deeply understand how fortunate they really are to be here and enjoy our freedoms."

Talking Points and Topics for Media Hosts and Producers


Martha Llamas, an inspiring immigrant woman from Jalisco, Tapalpa, Mexico, has transcended her humble beginnings to manifest the American dream.
Escaping poverty and domestic abuse, she journeyed to the U.S., enduring hardship to create a better life for herself and her family.

After surviving a violent relationship, she single-handedly raised her two sons and built an award-winning commercial cleaning franchise with over 70 employees.

Renowned as a shining beacon in the Hispanic business community, she is frequently invited to share her story with top-tier news organizations.

She has represented the Phoenix Metropolitan Area Hispanic community at a nationally televised meeting with the President of the United States regarding small-business development concerns and government interference.

Martha embodies the essence of “Americanism,” living proof that dedication, resilience, and a strong work ethic can lead to monumental success in the United States.


TOPICS: Areas of expertise

Women Empowerment
Building a strong support network
Building toward financial independence

Commercial Cleaning
How I built and run my own successful business
Is a franchise right for you
How to bid new contracts
Operations, administration and budgeting
Client retention
Medical and healthcare services protocols

Media Production
Video storytelling for sales and marketing
Content creation for websites and social media
The power of press releases

Domestic Violence Advocacy
Utilizing Personal Protection Orders (PPO)
Self-Empowerment and Independence
Resilience and the Ability to Bounce Back
Dealing with Fear and Emotional Healing

Second Amendment Advocacy
Preserving the Second Amendment
Survivor’s insights
The role of community groups and support systems

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Accountability | Authentic | Common sense | Compassion | Council | Dependable | Diligent | Emotional | Empowerment | Family
Fearless | Freedom | Friendship | Healing | Honesty | Humility | Independence | Inspired | Integrity | Leadership | Loving | Loyalty
Mentor | Patriotic | Reliable | Sacrifice | Sensible | Sensitive | Survivor | Transcending | Trustworthy | Pride |Perseverance | Selflessness | Unwavering

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