NEW UVC Light Disinfecting Services

What do hospitals, major airlines, and the world’s largest water treatment facilities have in common? They have all known for years about the disinfecting power of UVC light, and it’s incredible ability to sanitize, sterilize and kill many major forms of harmful bacteria, mold, mites, and viruses, including COVID-19.

Now, we are bringing that powerful, well-tested, virus killing technology to you to help make your home and workplace safe!

I’m Martha Llamas, owner of (a licensed, commercial cleaning company) (M&R, INC), and we have expanded our regular, high-quality cleaning systems to include this amazing UVC light technology.

UV is a frequency range of light that comes naturally from the Sun. However, while UVA and UVB light can make it to the Earth’s surface, UVC light is virtually 100% filtered out by the ozone layer. This means that natural organisms have little or no real defense against the specific range of UVC light, which genetically alters them and kills or renders them unable to reproduce.

Our highly-trained staff will bring the equipment and experience necessary for your home or business and provide this extra level of protection against the pathogens most likely to cause sickness and disease.

We know you are ready for things to get back to normal and want to do all you can to protect your family, friends, staff, and co-workers. Call us today for a free estimate, and rest assured that you are using the most effective processes to ensure that your environment is clean, healthy, and safe.

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