Mar-a-Lago Visit

We were fortunate enough to receive an invitation to a magnificent gala dinner hosted at Mar-a-Lago, where 250 other guests were also present. The majority of the attendees were enthusiastic Trump supporters who had purchased the inaugural series of Trump Cards. I felt like royalty mingling with these collectors and other Trump fans at his stunning Florida estate. 

The evening was an intimate affair with the former president himself, who generously spent over an hour entertaining us with captivating stories. He shared anecdotes about purchasing two Air Force Ones, secretly flying to Afghanistan, and several other adventures from his presidency. 

I convinced my husband to join me for a dance on the gleaming ballroom floor – we had it all to ourselves for a brief moment! With the glamour, celebrities, and larger-than-life stories from the former president himself, it was an unforgettable night that I will always hold dear. We also had the opportunity to tour the impressive Mar-a-Lago property. The grounds were impeccable, with breathtaking views. Secret Service agents were present throughout the tour, but they were friendly and accommodating. We’ll be back!

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