Video Essential For Small Business Survival, says Hispanic business leader, Martha Llamas

Phoenix, Arizona, July 14th, 2020 (PRNewswire) –

Small businesses tasked with obeying ever-changing “reopening” guidelines and social distancing recommendations from the CDC and local governments are closing their doors at an alarming rate. Companies that operate by bringing together medium or large groups of people to promote products or services as well as sharing operational thoughts and creativity, such as networking groups, public speakers, etc., have all but been shut down and unable to generate revenue.

With the event of live streaming and other produced videos, many small businesses have seen some relief. They seem to have found a real solution to keeping their customers and audiences engaged while remaining safe from the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

Sofia Mariscales, Founder & CEO of Creando Alianzas, a Hispanic Network of Women entrepreneurs in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, has shifted her focus from live gatherings to video streaming and produced promotional videos,

“I strongly believe that in today’s world, video marketing is the best way to run our business, especially during COVID-19 shutdowns,” says Mariscales. “I’ve been able to adapt our platform virtually, to stay connected, utilizing some great tools like ZOOM for network video conferencing. I’ve personally experienced measurable results using streaming and professionally produced promo videos to attract women entrepreneurs to Creando Alianzas. We also educate our network of business owners by helping them understand the value of using creative video productions to market their products and services.” 

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Martha Llamas, Owner of M&R Inc, has used the platform for sharing her inspiring personal story as well as promoting her commercial cleaning company’s anti-COVID-19 fogging services.

“We’ve teamed up with a very talented video content production company, Volumedia, LLC, to help keep our clients and social networks connected. We’re creating content and service videos for those companies that are struggling to deal with the global pandemic shut down and still need to maintain healthy communication with their clients and networks.”

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Martha’s company has just released a new video detailing their fogging procedure and how it is affecting their standard business practices. It’s available here.

Local governments are cautious about reopening businesses. There is currently no specific date set as to when things will get back to some form of normalcy. This environment has certainly sparked business owners into using more video tools, whether live streaming or produced elements, to maintain critical relationships with their clients and to potential future revenues. 

Martha is happy to network and share information with other small business owners and invites them to reach out and connect with her.


Martha Llamas, Founder
M&R Inc

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