Speaking LIVE with the President September 2020

Hispanic Mother Turns to Trump and Destroys Entire Liberal “Victim” Narrative in Just Minutes.

“If you watch one thing today, make it this. What an incredible moment from Trump’s event just now!” –Dinesh D’Souza

Martha Llamas -Founder M&R, INC.

Phoenix, Arizona, Sept. 25th, 2020 (PRNewswire)

With President Trump’s campaign set on strengthening bonds with the Hispanic community, his 5th pre-election visit to Phoenix, Arizona, on Sept. 15th, produced an unexpected moment that has caught the nation’s attention. It began when invited panelist, award-winning business owner, and social influencer, Martha Llamas, had the opportunity to speak.

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“When I was 22 years old, I got shot by the father of my kids, and I survived horrible domestic violence,” says Llamas. “After a month of getting better, I had two choices. One was to survive on government welfare or get a job. I chose to get a job as a janitor.”

The enthusiastic crowd in attendance at the Latinos for Trump Roundtable burst into thunderous applause on several occasions, even taking Llamas by surprise. 

Martha shared, “I started making $5 an hour in 1997, and I loved my job so much that I worked my way up to become a supervisor, manager, and then five years later ended up buying my own janitorial company.” She continued, “I became a U.S. citizen in 2008, and then 2012 came. I kept hearing in the news that if you have more than 50 employees, you have to cut back. Why is the government telling me what you do? I worked so hard for what I have, why do they have to get in my business?”

It was this intrusion that led Llamas to begin focusing on local and national government policies and how political decisions affect small business owners, especially in the Hispanic community. What followed was unexpected.

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Political author and filmmaker
Dinesh D’Souza picked up the story and posted a video clip of Martha’s roundtable speech titled, “Hispanic Mother Turns To Trump And Destroys Entire Liberal Victim Narrative In Just Minutes.” In less than a week, the video reached over 1.3 million viewers on Facebook. The post itself was shared numerous times and generated thousands of comments.

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“The response was humbling and a bit overwhelming,” Llamas explained. “It was inspiring to see the vast majority of the comments were so positive and encouraging. I’m not making this stuff up. My employees and their family members depend on the success of my business for their livelihood. I take that responsibility very seriously, and it’s not about Democrat or Republican. It’s about what is fair for the small business owners of this country and doing what we can to keep our companies running so that we can pay our people and our taxes and contribute to the economy of our community.” 

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Llamas and Latinos for Trump 2020 Roundtable Panel

Martha currently employs 70 people and is happy to network and share information with other small business owners and invites them to connect with her.

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Martha Llamas, Founder
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Video Transcription:

“I’m here to share my American dream and I want everyone to know that our dream is still alive, the American dream is still alive and I’m going to tell you a little bit about my story. 

I came here to the United States when I was 11 years old. My mom worked so hard to support all my siblings. When I was 22 years old I got shot by the father of my kids and I survived horrible domestic violence. After I got shot, after a month of getting better I had two choices to make. One was to survive on government welfare or get a job. I chose to get a job as a janitor.

Because, for the first time I felt freedom. I felt that I needed to be free and I don’t want to be dependent on the government, so, I started making $5 an hour in 1997 and I loved my job so much that I worked my way up to become a supervisor, manager, and then 5 years later I ended up buying my own janitorial company.

For me, that is looking at the American dream. I didn’t finish high school and what else can I do but clean very well and move up the ladder. That is the real American Dream. So, from going to work 8 hours a day, we ended up working sixteen hours a day for the next five years to pay off the big loans. My fiance Ron Puechner, now my husband who is here, helped put it together.

After 5 years in 2005 we paid it all off, Then after that, I started feeling that I was getting more free. I’m a giver, I like to help. If God takes care of me I take care of others. At that time in 2005, I had already 60 employees working for me. One of the things that I love and do for them is help them learn English, help them buy their first car, help them get their first home, but most of the things that I enjoy the most is teaching them English and helping them become US citizens. Over the course of 15 years, my husband and I helped more than 30 people become US citizens, and I’m so proud of that, it’s incredible.

I became a U.S. citizen in 2008. I kept living my American dream and then 2012 came. That’s when Obamacare came and I kept hearing in the news, if you have more than 50 employees you have to cut back, or you have to do something and I told my husband, “What’s going on?” Why do I have to lay off people? That’s when I started getting involved more in what’s going on, why is the government telling me what you do? I worked so hard for what I have, why do they have to get in my business?

So I started to get involved with local politics and see what they were doing, so they can hear my American dream and see I’m still here, I’m still alive, I want to keep moving now! I don’t like to sit and listen. I’m the one that wants to get active and do something about it if there’s a problem.That’s what I did and look where it got me. Now, I’m here next to the president getting involved with politics.

A quick message. Let’s protect our country, let’s protect our American Dream. We are all Americans, it doesn’t matter where you come from. This is our safe haven, please let’s put President Trump again for the next four years, we need to save it.”

Facebook Comments:

Michael Prillaman

“In her words “the real American Dream”. No matter what color, race or circumstances, you can succeed if you want it.”

Cindy Harwell Cunningham
“This whole round table was so enjoyable to watch. They treated him like a rally and their speeches of their own history was amazing to listen to. He was only supposed to give his little speech and leave, but their stories captivated him.”

KUna Cee
“I watched the event. It was awesome. So much love for America and our president. It was heartwarming listening to their stories.”

Jeannie Moore Ingram
“When the going gets tough, and it doesn’t get much tougher than being shot, the tough get going; the tough don’t play the victim even when they are. RESPECT to this woman – a hero for many.”

Art Wanderlingh
“The great thing about this speech is that millions of Americans feel exactly like her! She really summed up all of our struggles and aspirations.

Phil Baca
“Epic! God bless America! Exactly what the framers of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence intended. The opportunity to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness through hard work, dedication and education.”

Cliff Hoppman
“Awesome! Best wishes for her and other hard working people all over this country!”

Muffet Owens
“What a wonderful story. The American dream did come true. Vote for President Trump. We need four more years! He is our only hope for this country. Please God hear our prayers. Amen”

Tony Wilt
“When she said ” I worked so hard for what I have, why do they have to get in my business?” EXACTLY!”

Karen Portillo
“She was born to be a Republican, working hard without government involvement! Good for her, glad her story could be heard!”

Eriq Sterling
“This is Beautiful, If U can’t appreciate America for this type of enthusiasm & encouragement for being able to work hard like she did when most people would complain, she was proud to work her hands to the bones. This shows U true patriotism.”

Jason Brenner
“People need to stop listening to liberal media setups and really take these moments in.”

M Virgie Saenz
“Where there is a will there is a way. People like her who work should get the government help because they are working not sitting on their butts waiting for a handout.”

Graeme Cook
“Summing up, access to the American Dream is in the hands of individuals, not something handed to them by the state.”

Margaret Machesky
“The left preaches to them that they cannot get anywhere without freebies. There are so many of every skin color and ethnic backgrounds that work hard and become successful. It this woman had had her hand out for the free government dole that the left pushes, she would not own her own company now. What an inspiration and what a blessing she is!”

Lois Davies
“This woman’s story epitomizes what America is all about. What a contrast to the victim mentality that the Democrat Party pushes.”

Ana Davila
“She didn’t want to be on welfare…sometimes we need it but we shouldn’t want it! I love her story and enthusiasm!”

Erica Duncan
“As I was a single mom, I can appreciate her story so much! 10 years ago I also chose to get a job, go back to school to learn massage therapy, earned my Ohio Medical Massage License, got a job as a Licensed Massage Therapist for Massage Envy for nearly 5 years, won Regional Therapist of the Year, and then started my own Massage Practice! Hard work pays! Determination pays! Never giving up pays! We can do all things we put our mind and hearts into!”

Dani Watson
“An inspiring message on her American Dream and setting goals. It does not matter what color, race or circumstances you are in, you can succeed in life if you truly want to. And, she did! Congratulations to another inspiring American!”

Hilda Valdizan de Lindley
“Wow she has dignity!! she does not take handouts she works to make her dreams come true, great example!!”

Magaly Moyers
“She’s a true Latino woman with an amazing love for our American country.”

Ellen Blume Demarie
“I sat down and wanted to watch it for just a few minutes and I couldn’t tear myself away from the most inspiring stories that put tears to my eyes.”

Cyndi Davis
“This was amazing. Her story is not unusual with immigrants. How awesome for her. She is a fighter.”

Cindy Littlejohn
“Love her! These are the people who deserve to live in our country!”

Julianna Shinn Montealegre “This is such an incredible story and she’s of service to others as well!  Lopez Emilie I watched this live and it was absolutely fantastic.”

Esther Hampton
“Absolutely amazing. She made me so proud as I’m a Mexican from AZ!”

Michele King-McNany
“What an amazing story, congratulations…every step…hard work, determination.”

Amy Valvo
“What an inspiration this woman is!!”

Jake Fessler
“This is called Americanism.”

Graeme Cook
“From nothing to founding a company with 60 employees. Not just a true entrepreneur, a true victor.”

Carl Brooks
“Great story by a woman who knows how much America means to us! Belinda Butler God bless her. And notice how he LISTENS to her. God bless President Trump.”

Susan Smith Malone
“Wow!!!! She has a Beautiful American story.”

Linda Pendergrass
“Bless her!!! That’s the way most of us did !!! That is the American way!!! Love her story!”

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