Creando Alianzas “Next-Level Empowerment Mastermind”

To my Women Entrepreneur friends,

For the last couple years I have been searching for something to do to help women business owners.  After being invited to different events I finally found something close to my heart.  That is where I met Sofia Mariscales from Creando Alianzas.   I felt connected with those women in that organization because they, like me, were motivated to take their business to the next level. I was a guest speaker in one of their events and I was really impressed with the caliber of women that were there and how excited they were about growing their business and learning more about each other.  A few months later we met up again at the Gala in November 2019 and was I inspired by all the work that was put into motivate and recognize the women entrepreneurs.

A few days after the Gala, Sofia invited me to lunch because she wanted to talk to me about her vision with the hopes that we would partner together and share our business knowledge with other business women.  I was really excited to hear her vision because that’s been my vision for a long time too.   After our lunch we connected immediately because we had the same vision and decided to become partners on this adventure we are calling the “Entrepreneurial Mastermind Group.”  I was excited for Sofia to ask me to be the Director of this Entrepreneurial Mastermind Group.

The Entrepreneurial Mastermind Group consisted of women who want to go to the next level in their business.   There will be a limit of 20 women entrepreneurs and we will be meeting on a monthly basis and growing our businesses together over the next 10 months.

The first meeting was in February of 2020.  Anyone interested in taking their business to the next level and getting themselves out of the stats quo please EMAIL ME at if you are interested in hearing more or signing up!

I’m looking forward to the challenge and to be challenged.

Your friend,

Martha Llamas


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