College Student Lectures in Mexico

I was honored to be invited to the University of Ahualulco de Mercado to inspire and empower the next generation of Mexican entrepreneurs. Over 100 keen students packed the auditorium to soak up my real-world advice.

I shared my journey of building successful businesses through innovation and technology – proof positive that their Mexican Dreams can become reality with creativity and vision. The crowd buzzed with optimistic energy.

Afterward, I met dedicated faculty guiding students to shift from passive mentalities into proactive goal-setters and change-makers. They’re developing exactly the kind of entrepreneurial mindset and skills needed to transform opportunities across Mexico.
The university graciously recognized my contribution with a certificate presented by Director Juan Manuel Soto Garcia of E.P.R.A.M. – their center championing Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Peace through Education.

After the lively college entrepreneurship event, I headed to the Casa de Cultura to connect with local artisans about growing their businesses globally. Over 100 eager creators attended our makeshift “Shark Tank.”

One standout was Violeta Ibarra Mercado, who crafts gorgeous baskets and tableware from pine needles]. I challenged her to produce a 16-piece basket and plate set in 20 days as a rush holiday order. Though nervous at first, the cheering crowd ignited her confidence and she accepted.


Violeta delivered exquisite results on time by wisely hiring an assistant to meet the deadline – accomplishing exactly what I aimed to teach about scaling through support and partnerships. My family cherished their one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts.

To cap the fruitful day, the town president gifted us locally sourced mixed media art- a fitting memento of Huatulco’s rich culture and talent.

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